Christmas 1952:  In the RCN, it was a time-honoured tradition that the youngest seaman of the mess and the Captain swap uniforms for the day for the day and for the Officers to serve the crew their Christmas Dinner. The real Captain, dressed in the uniform of the sailor, is usually the recipient of various types of indignities but everyone has fun.  Occasionally the youngest might be an Ordinary Seaman (OS sometimes called OD), one step below an Able Bodied Seamen (AB).

Pictured (L-R)  AB Belleville, Capt D.S.K.Blackmore dressed as AB and AB Hebert dressed as the Captain. (From the collection of DSK Blackmore, submitted by Donna - Ernie Loewen  <donnal(at)>) 

coverdale_cpo_1953s.jpg 1953: Chiefs and P.O. Mess Dinner at HMCS Coverdale October 17, 1953.

Back Row (L-R) : Chief Cuttress(?), Chief Johnson, P.O. Reed, P.O. Hyslop, P.O. Love, Chief Castle, Chief Chuck Sabean.

Middle Row (L-R): M.A.A. Bill Leggett, Lt.Wigmore, DSK Blackmore, Mr. Wilkinson, Chief Matthews.

Front Row (L-R) : P.O. Bird, P.O. Westell, P.O. Browning, PO Bill Paly
(From the collection of DSK Blackmore, submitted by Donna - Ernie Loewen) 

The following series of photos were taken in the hot, dry summer of 1956. Personnel from Coverdale are helping to fight the fires which broke out east and south of the base. 
Petty Officer Bill Cummings at the farm house which was used as "control headquarters" for the fire fighting. This setup provided the necessary communications back to base. All traffic to Coverdale was on CW. The fire lines communicated to this control point by walkie talkie. (Photo by Don Cameron)
This group of WRENS came out to "site see" and also work communications. (L to R) are Wrens Clarke, Foreman, Frost and Coleman with Berryman in front.  (Photo by Don Cameron)
On the next change of watch, WREN Berryman works the key to the base at Coverdale. (Photo by Don Cameron)
WREN Coleman uses a walkie talkie from the fire front line to the fire control site and speaks with either P/O Cummings or WREN Berryman.  (Photo by Don Cameron)

This picture was taken in mid to late-July 1959 when the Royal couple were on one of their visits to Canada. The picture was taken at the Weldon Street entrance to Victoria Park in Moncton, NB. Coverdale had provided various guards during this visit, including this occasion. 

To Her Majesty's left is Prince Philip and just behind his left shoulder is Petty Officer Morley K. Love. To Morley's left is an unidentified one-badge AB,  one-badge AB Harry Coyle,  one-badge Leading Seaman John McDonald, and finally, Petty Officer 2nd Class Ray White, wearing two badges. (Photo courtesy Ray White)

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