HMCS Gloucester - Peacetime Facilities

Cdr D.S.K. Blackmore was responsible for having this beautiful entrance to Gloucester built in 1959. The main gate is further from the back of the sign. Compare it to the 2006 image below.  (Photo from the collection of D.S.K. Blackmore. Submitted by his daughter Donna Loewen <donnaern(at)>) 
Above and below: The entrance as seen on May 22, 2006. Near the right center of the above photo is the stone cairn dedicated in 2005 to the men and women who trained and served at Gloucester. (Photos by David Smith)

Gloucester's  main gate, as seen on May 22, 1957. It incorporated a cell for disciplinary cases and was the daytime office of the Master-at-Arms and, in off-duty periods, the office of the Duty Petty Officer.  (DND photo #O-9535 submitted by Ray White)
A view of the main entrance to Administration and Training Building. A Quarterdeck sentry is ringing the ship's bell.  (DND photo #O-11961 submitted by Ray White)
This land survey plan indicates the location of the base within Gloucester Township. The source of this graphic is not known as this time. (Graphic courtesy Abandoned Military Installations of Canada” Vol I Ontario, by Paul Ozorak) 

A high aerial photo taken of Gloucester in 1950. At the top right corner of the wooded area, note the footpath to the HFDF shack. The dark “T” shaped building held the barracks, galley and recreation rooms while the small building to the left of this building was a classroom building.  Morse training, radio theory,  etc were given here. The white building at the end of the path to the HFDF shack was the Admin and Operations Building.  Gloucester's transmitter, CGI was administered through the Signal Corps at  Leitrim, but was physically located at a shared site in Orleans, Ontario. (NAPL photo A13345-243 submitted by Spud Roscoe)
A high aerial photo taken of Gloucester in 1960. The wooded area is now overgrown so whatever used to be there was no longer in use. The original photo has been intentionally reversed in order to make an easier comparison to the 1950 photo above.  (NAPL Photo #A17264-72 submitted by Spud Roscoe)

There was one rhombic array at Gloucester and this illustration shows its relative position to the base. Several other masts are discernible in the middle-center section of the original photo but the purpose of these masts are not known at this time. (DND photo submitted by Ray White) 
These four low-level aerial photos were provided by Don Cameron and were probably taken in the early 1960's. The photo source is believed to be DND but no photo numbers are available at this time. 
Administration/Training Building taken from atop the water tower. This is a most likely a pre-1960's photo. (DND photo courtesy Eric Earl).
Operations/Training building taken from atop the water tower. Near the left upper corner is the entrance to the Gymnasium building. This is a most likely a pre-1960's photo. (DND photo courtesy Eric Earl).
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