HMCS Gloucester - Wartime Facilities

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glo_wardcaf_1945_s.jpg Wardroom and Cafeteria, October 1945. (Photo via Don Cameron) 
glo_garagaccomd_1945_s.jpg Garage and Men's Accommodation, October 1945. (Photo via Don Cameron)
glo_ops1945_s.jpg Operations Building in 1945. (DND photo submitted by Doug Stewart)

The short lattice tower at the left appears to be fitted with a Canadian  Marconi MDF-5 DF loop antenna while the tower second from the right has a Canadian Marconi FM12 DF aerial outfit.  

The guy wires which support the stripped masts are separated into non resonant lengths by the use of egg insulators.  The idea is not to have any section of guy wire at or near the  resonance point of the operating frequency or any of its harmonics. This prevents the re-radiation of RF energy by the guy wires when transmitting or the absorption of RF energy when receiving. Note the dark, elevated service line attached to the left upper portion of the building.

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Aug 21/05