The information offered in this section is intended for the individual who wishes to become an amateur radio operator. Regardless of your age or technical expertise, there is something that Amateur Radio can offer to everyone. Here are some of the activities or benefits that can be realized as a licensed amateur operator:

* World wide communications (DX)
* Transmit data from computer to computer (Packet Radio)
* Provide public emergency communications (ARES)
* Communicate via satellite
* Bounce signals off the moon
* Operate at very low power levels (QRP)
* Develop technical expertise by experimentation
* Send your own television pictures. (ATV)

Various modes of communications and modulation techniques are employed. The most common ones are: MORSE (CW), VOICE - AM or FM or Single Side Band (SSB) and PACKET RADIO.


Unfortunately, training for new amateur radio operators is no longer available from the Skywide club.
Training is available through the Peel ARC . It offers classes but you would have to check with the club for availability.

Please select this link to obtain additional information from the Radio Amateurs of Canada home page.

Study material for amteur radio exams can be found at: http://www.hamstudy.com  which offers courses based on the new question banks. This has beeen provided courtesy of  Frank, VE7AV.

HAMGUIDE: A Beginner's Guide to Amateur Radio

Introducing a new web site http://www.qsl.net/hamguide/ for newcomers to Amateur Radio. Whether you are a newly licensed ham or just thinking about getting that first license there is useful content here for you.

The Discovering Amateur Radio video will introduce the beginner to the many facets that the service has to offer.

Contest Club Ontario  http://www.va3cco.com
Ontario VHF Association http://www.ovhfa.org/OVHFA/index.html

Amateur radio equipment can be purchased at the following location in Metropolitan Toronto:

4335 Steeles Ave. W.,
Toronto,  Ont.,
M3N 1V7
(416) 667-1000
E-mail: sales@radioworld.ca
Web: http://www.radioworld.ca

New ham radio equipment is available from the following manufacturers:

Apache Labs   https://apache-labs.com/al-products/1027/ANAN-100D-HF---6M-100W-ALL-MODE-SDR-TRANSCEIVER.html
Elecraft  http://www.elecraft.com
Flex Radio Systems  http://www.flexradio.com
Software Defined Radio - Quick Start Guide   http://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-quick-start-guide/

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Oct 23/21