The following acronym definitions have been provided by Robert Langille.

ASWD - Anti-Submarine Warfare Director
AWWD/AWWO -  Above Water Warfare Director/Officer). This function is responsible for Guns, surface to air missiles and surface to Surface missiles.  SWC and Weapons Officer are the same person  These are internal shipborne positions

ASuW (Anti-Surface Warfare)
Both AAWD and ASuW are performed by AWWD (non-commissioned (PO1/PO2) or AWWO ( Commissioned Officer (LT(N)).
AAWD or AAWO is aka SWC (Shipborne Weapons Controller); AAWO is also known as the Weapons Officer.
ASWD is a non-commissioned title, while ASWO is the Commissioned title equivalent.

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Mar 8/17