The men who served in Canada's Navy were truly remarkable individuals, as Naval life is a special calling and is reserved for those who can live up to its demands. It is a three dimensional world that complicates daily routine. What is simple to execute on land acquires a level of difficulty at sea. In wartime, these brave young men endured untold amounts of stress along with the loss of their beloved crew members. Their reward was in knowing that liberty and justice would be protected for future generations. In peacetime, they tolerated the long periods of absence from their loved ones. They suffered the hardships of the sea but their ultimate reward was the honour and the memory of being able to serve their country not to mention the camaraderie that developed as a result of being in the Service. Let us pray that our Navy never has to go into battle. May their presence help maintain the peace.
The people listed below were kind enough to provide information or assistance in the development of this research paper.
Barnhouse, Pat RCN (Ret'd) Ottawa, Ont.
Brewer, Jim RCN/Chaudiere Brampton Ont.
Carson, Harry S. RCN/Haida Dartmouth N.S.
Coates, John J. RCN/Haida Tantallon N.S.
Dennet, Jack RCN Orleans, Ont.
Dixon, Peter Historian Toronto Ont.
Doucette, S.(Cdr) CAF/RCN CFNOS Halifax, N.S.
Fairnie, Jim RCN/Haida Victoria, B.C.
Graham, Doug RCN/Haida Goderich, Ont.
Knecht, Wilf RCN/Haida Nanaimo B.C.
Legg, William Museum Curator HMS Collingwood, England
Mason, Geoff Naval Researcher HMS Collingwood, England
Mazerolle, Robert   Lockheed Martin Canada
Mote, Ray US Navy Oxnard, California.
Owston, Charles Consultant Pointe Claire, Quebec.
Schleihauf, William Naval Researcher Pierrefonds, Quebec
Rowlett, Brooks A     
Taylor, Les RN /Haida Walsall, England.
Ware, Fred RCN/Haida Woodstock, Ont.
Welland, Robert Rear Adm. (Ret'd) Ottawa Ont.
Willson, R.A. Cmdr (Ret'd) Toronto, Ont.
Wotherspoon, Allan   Burnaby, B.C.
Young, Michael DND Ottawa,Ont.


Jerry Proc, VE3FAB, a resident of Etobicoke Ontario has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1964 and also holds an Advanced Amateur Radio Operator's Certificate. His interest in electronics was sparked at a very young age and during the 1960's Jerry developed a fascination with military radio gear. In 1970, he graduated with a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Radio College of Canada. Later, he obtained an Advanced Networking Certificate through Continuing Education Studies program at Humber College, Etobicoke Ontario. Jerry has served in both a technical and managerial capacity in the mainframe computer and data communications field since 1970 and is currently employed as a network analyst by Bell Canada.

His involvement with the restoration of radio systems aboard HMCS HAIDA started out quite innocently in July of 1992. It has now developed into a very engrossing and stimulating endeavour. As an extension to these activities, Jerry also tackled the task of documenting the ship's radio systems and developed a research paper on that subject. In October 1999, his efforts to restore HAIDA's radio rooms and other significant contributions were recognized by the Historic Naval Ships Association and awarded Jerry the Bos'n Marvin Curry award, the first Canadian to receive it.

Author's personal Web page: http://jproc.ca


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