The Motto of Sioux "Then I Will Fight" - is an interesting story. While not the "official" story, it's the one I recall from Sioux's brochures for visitors.
US Army General Custer was determined to exterminate all Native Americans. He had chased various Indian tribes Westward - until a fatal day when the Sioux Nation put up a battle and did him in. The US Army was determined to avenge this Sioux victory. The Sioux, under Chief Sitting Bull departed in haste into Canada. They arrived tired, hungry and with little hope for peace. A single Northwest Police Officer [in a red coat] rode into the Sioux encampment to the tent of Sitting Bull. He enquired about the intentions of Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull stated that his people were tired and hungry and just wanted to live in peace. The Mountie said " You can stay and the Great White Queen will protect you. However, you must live in peace". Sitting Bull replied that he would ensure that the Sioux Nation would live in Canada and cause no trouble. However, he stated, "if the Long Knives [the US Calvary] come across the border 'Then I Will Fight'". It is reported that the US decided against invading Western Canada because the Sioux Nation was on guard.

Submitted By Brian Govan, London Ontario.

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