HMCS Sioux, originally laid down as HMS Vixen, was commissioned HMCS Sioux at Cowes, Isle of Wight, on Feb. 21, 1944, and assigned to the 26th Flotilla of the British Home Fleet. She took part in escorting carrier attacks against the Tirpitz and against German shipping off Norway, and on May 28, 1944 left Scapa Flow, Scotland for Portsmouth for D-Day duties. Returning to Scapa Flow in July, she resumed her previous occupation and also escorted three convoys each way to and from Murmansk. She left the U.K. on April 6, 1945, for her first trip to Canada and, upon arrival, underwent a major refit at Halifax. In November, Sioux was transferred to Esquimalt, where she was paid off into reserve on February 27, 1946. After some modernization she was recommissioned in 1950, and did three tours of duty in Korean waters, from 1951 to 1955. Afterward she resumed her training role until paid off at Halifax on October 30, 1963. She was broken up in 1965 at La Spezia, Italy.


LCDR   E. E. G. Boak, DSC, RCN   21/02/44 - 29/06/45
LCDR   R. A. Webber, DSC, RCN    30/06/45 - 08/11/45
A/LCDR M. F. Oliver, RCNR        09/11/45 - 27/02/46
CDR    E. W. Groos, DSC, RCN     18/01/50 - 03/07/50
CDR    P. D. Taylor, DSC, RCN    04/07/50 - 09/03/52
LCDR   P. C. Benson, RCN         10/03/52 - 06/05/52
CDR    P. E. Haddon, RCN         07/05/52 - 11/09/53
LCDR   D. R. Saxon, DSC, RCN     12/09/53 - 11/11/53
CDR    A. H. Rankin, OBE, RCN    12/11/53 - 26/09/55
CDR    R. W. Murdoch, RCN        27/09/55 - 27/03/57
LCDR   J. M. Calver, RCN         28/03/57 - 23/05/57
CDR    P. G. Ghance, RCN         24/05/57 - 01/07/58
CDR    A. B. C. German, RCN      02/07/58 - 05/03/59
LCDR   J. D. Lowe, RCN           05/03/59 - 24/08/60
CDR    L. J. Hutchings, DSC, RCN 24/08/60 - 20/09/61
CDR    C. A. Law, DSC, RCN       20/09/61 - 13/10/63


Arr = Arrived
Dep = Departed
Esq = Esquimalt
OP = Theatre of Operation

                  Dep Esq    Arr. OP    Dep. OP     Arr. Esq.

CDR P.D. Taylor   5/7/50     30/7/50    15/1/51     4/2/51

CDR P.D. Taylor   8/4/51     30/4/51    14/2/51     8/3/52

CDR A.H. Rankin   7/11/54    14/12/54   7/9/55      24/9/55

Honour and awards for service by officers and men of the RCN in the Korean theatre 1950-1955:

Captain Paul Dalrymple Taylor CD RCN DSC and mentioned in dispatches.
Lt.(L) Nelson  Ralph Banfield.
CPO George Edward Vantharf CD mentioned in despatches.

U.S. awards presented to RCN personnel for services in Korea:
Legion of Merit:  Degree of Commander

CDR Edward Thomas George Madgewick DSC CD RCN

Type :'V' Class Destroyer
Pennant : R64; 1949+  225
Laid down :31/10/42
Launched : 14/9/43
Commissioned : 21/2/44
Paid off : 27/2/46   ; recommissioned then finally paid off 30/10/63
Length : 362 feet, 9 inches
Beam : 35 feet, 8 inches
Draft : 11 feet, 6 inches
Displacement : 1,710 tons
Speed : 36 knots
Builder: J. Samuel White and Co. Ltd. Cowes, Isle of Wright
Crew : 14 officers/230 crew
Armament : Four 4.7 guns; eight 21" torpedo tubes - (two mounts of 4 each); four 40mm A/A guns; four 20 mm machine guns.

Note: HMCS Algonquin, sister ship of Sioux, had a top speed of 39.9 knots and beat the Sioux in a race. The main reason for this was the method of plating. The plates on Sioux were overlapped while the plates on the Algonquin were flush.

Reference: The Ship's of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1993 by Ken Macpherson, John Burgess

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