Don Near - HMCS HAIDA (1943)

* Powered by two 12 volt motors wired to a 12 V  gel cell.
* Currently a single speed control is used for both motors but that may change shortly.
* Now considering  the use of  two separate speed controllers to give independent control which would
give me the option of reversing one motor to help turn the model quicker thus providing a shorter turning circle.
* Now using a four channel Futaba radio.
* The main deck is removable from just aft of the forward funnel to a point near the stern so I  can have complete access to the  hull.
* Decks are held in place with wood screws.
* The rudder steering arm is located in a water tight compartment  with a small removable deck. It starts where the main deck ends at the stern.
* This  is my first attempt at building a ship model of any kind so mistakes were made and I learnt  from them.
* Have lots  of pictures documenting each step of the construction.
* Comments from David Manning in Australia  and John Hodkinson in the UK assisted me tremendously.
* Would be glad to hear from anyone else building a HAIDA model.  I can be contacted at:

All photos by Don Near, Hanover, Ontario.

Starboard view - Sept 6, 2005
Forward gun detail.
Broadside - Sept 6, 2005.
Sea trials - Sept 21/05

USS Gudgeon

July 2007: USS Gudgeon. Surface-only model.

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July 27/07