The Data Transfer Device (DTD) is an electronic fill device designed to replace the existing family of common electronic fill devices. The DTD can be programmed to store the secure transport of COMSEC and TRANSEC keys, Signal Operating Instructions, frequency hopping radio parameters, net control
planning, and operating directions. The DTD is designed to be backward-compatible with current COMSEC fill devices. It provides enhanced security of communications and cryptographic keying material and simplifies the planning communications. The DTD is configured by software input rather than hardware modifications. An embedded crypto-ignition key allows flexibility in securely storing and transporting communications data. The DTD uses a replaceable keypad and is easily configured to work with either a standard 35-key keypad or a simplified 13-key keypad.

The Data Transfer Device is designed to replace the KYK-13, KYX-15 and KOI-18. This device is approved for storing, transporting and transferring cryptographic keys up to the Top Secret level. The authorized vendor is Group Technologies Corporation. The cost for this device is between $510-$560.

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Mar 24/01