STE (Secure Terminal Equipment)


Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) is the next generation STU-III being designed to provide services far beyond the present STU-III devices. The STE offers backward compatibility with STU-III, while taking advantage of digital communications protocols like ISDN and future ATM. The initial release of STE will be an ISDN terminal. STE is designed to take advantage of the key and privilege management infrastructure developed under the Multi-level Information Systems Security Initiative (MISSI) Fortezza Plus Cards. The cryptographics for STE will be located on a removable Personal Computer Memory Card International Associate (PCMCIA) card. This card will be procured separately.


This tactical terminal, manufactured by L-3 Communications, (a division of Lockheed Martin)  currently provides secure digital communication for military operational environments. The design is based on an open modular architecture common with the L-3 STE-Office. STE-Tactical is compatible with the Portable Uninterruptable Power Supply System (PUP). The terminal offers backward compatibility with STU-III and DNVT and provides connectivity to ISDN, PSTN, TRI-TAC/MSE and RS-530A ( eg. MILSTAR) networks. Cryptography for the STE is provided by a removable PCMCIA ( Fortezza Plus) based card.

The STE as it appeared in 1994. (Photo courtesy Lockheed Martin, now L-3 Communications)


Security Features:

Information Protected by PCMCIA Crypto Card . U.S.. Government FORTEZZA Plus, Top Secret to Protected . Secure Access Control System (SACS) - Access Control List (ACL) - Maximum and Minimum Security Levels . Alphanumeric Display for Identification and Authentication . Tempest Design Integrity . Telephone Security Group (TSG) Qualified . Auto-Secure / Secure Only . Terminal Reset / Zeroize . Terminal Self-Test Diagnostics

* Voice application:

Secure Voice - ADPCM @ 32 kbps - CELP @ 4.8 kbps - LPC-l0e @ 2.4 kbps . Non-Secure Voice PCM - CVSD @ 16 & 32 kbps

* Secure Data Applications:

Synchronous Data @ 128/112/64/56/38.4/19.2/ 9.6/4.8/2.4 kbps . Asynchronous Data @ 38.4/19.2/9.6/4.8/2.4 kbps


Network - ISDN, BRI, 2B+D, RJ-45 - PSTN, 2-wire, RJ-11 - TRI- T AC/MSE Wireline Modem-4 -Wire - RS-530A (e.g., MILSTAR), DB-25 .DATNCONTROL Port, RS-232E/RS-530A, DB-25 . CRYPTO CARD, PCMCIA Slot . User Friendly Front Panel

* Interoperability:


*Unique Features:

Upgrade via Software Download . Upgrade via Two (2) Expansion Type III PCMCIA Slots .Desktop or Wall Mountable . Remote Control via AT Command Set . AutoAnswer / Unattended Operation

* Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions: 10"w  x  9.5"d  x 4.6"h .
Weight: 6 lbs


Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C .Operating Relative Humidity: 10% to 90% Noncondensing . Storage Temperature: -20° to 60°C


External Power Supply 90-253 V AC, 47-63 Hz, Autoranging .Standard EIC Connector Accepts Various Line Cords. Portable Uninterruptable Power System (PUP) .20 Watts

2) Lockeed Martin STE data sheet dated 1994 provided by Joseph Tag  <joseph.tag(at)
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Aug 2/04