Type 16 Crystal Set
Frequency range: 250 to 3500 metres
Ty[e 16 Crystal Set. It contails two aerial circuits and a detector stage but no intermediate stage.
Type 16 Crystal Set connection diagram. Download image to enlarge.  The aerial circuit is protected by a mictometer spark gap and a leakage coil to ground. 
Images courtesy Hand Book of Technical Instruction For Wireless Telegraphists.

Colour rendition of the model 16  crystal set.  (Photo courtesy Stone Vintage Radio site)
The underside of the model 16 crystal; set. (Photo courtesy Stone Vintage Radio site)

Contributors and Credits:

1)   Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail.com>
2) Stone Vintage Radio    http://www.stonevintageradio.com/

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Feb 6/19