Type 352 Receiver
Type:  A complete receiver consists of the model 352 Receiver (2 tubes) , a model 357 Heterodyne (local) Oscillator ( 1 tube)  and a type 358 Note Filter (3 tubes).
Frequency range:  15 to 20,000 meters (20MHz to 15 KHz), in 13 bands. However,  the range quoted for the #357 local oscillator is 200 to 20,000 meters in the PDF file. .

Power: Powered by batteries. Needs 2 VDC for the filaments and 72 VDC for the B+.
Comment: For addition information see the 352 PDF file courtesy Jerry Proc.

352 image courtesy Radiomusem.org.

This is a complete receiver. The 352 itself is in the centre. The note filter is believed to be on the left with the local oscillator on the right. (Image from Marconi Review) 

Contributors and Credits:

1)  http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/marconiint_type_352_receiver.html

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Oct 18/12