5 Kw "Special " Set
Three different 5 KW transmitters aee described in the Handbook of Technical Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists. They are called the "Plain Discharger Set" , the "Battleship Set" , and the "Special Set".   The Plain Discharger used an ordinary spark gap ,in a box  The Battleship Set used a synchronous rotary gap in a large, heavy, teak box. Radio operators said that the Titanic was the first ship to receive a synchronous gap transmitter.  It was the only ship that produced a musical note. The rotary gap for the Special Set was encased in a round aluminum case.

A  detailed article on the radio equipment on the Titanic is availanle in the Vol. 25, 2012 issue of the Antique Wireless Association Review.

Power output: 5,000 watts
Frequency range: 300 to 1000 metres or 1200 metres or 2500 metres
Spark frequency: 400 or 800 Hz

5kw_special set_s.jpg This image describes the principal parts of the 5 kw Marconi "Special" set . Click on thumbnail to enlarge.   ( Image courtesy Handbook of Technical Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists). 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Lewis Bodkin  <05bodkin555(at)gmail.com>
2)  Handbook of Technical Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists).

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Jun 4/18