ALERT (TYPE 119A/B) Receiver
Type: TRF receiver;
Frequency control: fixed tuned to 500 KHz.
Power: Powered by 24 VDC from ships batteries.
Comment: Not capable of CW reception only MCW.  Because it had no BFO,  it would shut down upon the receipt of a CW transmission. Most were of the Mk 1 variety and  only tuned 500 KHz.  The final version was modified to be tuneable and cover much of the HF band as well.

Also known under designator NS101.

From the collection of Paul duMesnil via Spud Roscoe 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Spud Roscoe <spudroscoe(at)>
4) Roger  <chelseacottage(at)>

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July 27/15