"ATALANTA" (Type 2207C) Receiver
Type: 14 tube, General purpose marine receiver. Also designated as NS702.
Frequency Range: 15 KHz to 28 MHz in ten bands;
Power Input: 110 or 220 VDC ; 115 or 230 VAC 50-60 Hz ; 24 VDC with appropriate power units.
Modes: AM/CW/MCW
Manufactured between: Oct 1955 and 1967  See note 1
Weight: 78 pounds
Dimensions in inches: 12 9/16H  x 19.5W x 19 13/16D
Atalanta photo courtesy Marconi Marine International
Note 1: Leaflet REF TLR.37 marked "Provisional for the Atalanta General Purpose Marine Receiver (Type 2207C)" has the date January 1955-10. This is deemed as the earliest possible in-service date. One radio op operator says he trained on Atalanta in 1956. The no longer manufactured date of 1968 is referenced from Fred Osterman's receivers book.

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