"AUTOKEY 2 " Emergency Alarm Keyer
The autokeyer generates a distress signal and would be plugged into the "key" input of the main or emergency transmitter. This is  the solid state version of the original Autokey device.

Ron Stringer was Technical Manager for Communications and Navigational Aids for Marconi Marine.  He provides some background info on the Autokey 2 device. "The original Type 1097 electro-mechanical Autokey was replaced in the early 1970s by a solid-state device, Auto key N.  This was designed by Marconi Marine's Norwegian subsidiary, Norsk Marconikompani A/S in Oslo under lead engineer Jon Schiefloe.  It was made in Norway and shipped across to us in Chelmsford, England.

However at the end of the 1970s it was decided to move production to Chelmsford and was mildly re-engineered to up-date some components.  The 'N' in the name (which indicated its Norwegian origins) was dropped and replaced with the figure '2'; hence Auto key 2 "

Auto key 2. (Photo courtesy Teneo.org)
Select this link to read about the Autokey 2 announcement in the 1980 September/October issue of Marconi Mariner magazine.

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