CRUSADER SSB  Transmitter


Frequency/Power Output/Modes:

MF (410 to 525 KHz) 
400 watts A1
250 watts A2
IF (Intermediate Frequency)
300 watts A2
100 watts A3
1000 watts A1    4,6,8,12,16,22 MHz bands
1400 watts A3J   4, 6,8,12 MHz bands
300 watts   A3     4, 6, 8,12 MHz bands
1200 watts A3J    16 and 22 MHz bands
250 watts   A3     16 and 22 MHz bands
400 watts A1        23 and 25 Mhz bands
Power input - 440 VAC 3 phase
Comment: Uses three 4-400 transmitting tetrodes in the Power Amplifier stage.
This Crusader example could be found in the radio room of P& O Arcadia GRFP in 1978. (Courtesy Ships Nostalgia web page)

CCGS weathership Quadra's radio room in 1968. The operator reading the paper is Pete Pennyfather and facing the camera is Jerry Mah.  Pete is at the Aeradio Position while Jerry is handling the Marine Position.  The transmitter in the middle of the photo is a British Marconi Crusader.  To its right, a Racal RA17 is in evidence.  Below the Racal is a Marconi Atlalanta receiver. There is also a rack of 13, vertically mounted Canadian Marconi XH13, solid state, HF receivers in there as well.  (Photo by Bob Manning)

Contributors and Credits:

2) Bob Manning (now deceased)
4) Ross Bradshaw []

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