Lodestar II also bears the alternate designation of 2464B.
Lodestar II D. Frequency range: 250 to 550 KHz  (Photo courtesy John Wise, HMS Collingwood Museum)

Lodestar 2464B with door down.  Frequency range is listed as 250 to 550 kHz on MF and 1.6 to 3.8 MHz on H.F. Bandspread is available for the 285 to 315 kHz band segment. It has two bandwidths.  800 Hz narrow and  wide being  greater than 2 KHz. The set is also upper sideband capable only. . IF frequency is 110 kHz  on the M.F. Band,  570 and 110 kHz in the HF band.  It is an all tube radio,  utilizing 20 tubes, all typical British European types.  The S-meter is also used to evaluate each tube's performance in the set. This radio is designed to use a Quadrantal Error Correction Unit Q.E.C. Unit M30-1067-01 that provides 23 degrees of quadrantal error correction in 1 degree steps.  (Photo by John Gillespie)

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2) John Gillespie  <jgillespie(at)porchlight.ca>

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Nov 16/12