"NEBULA" Receiver
Type: General purpose, superheterodyne receiver which uses single, double or triple conversion depending upon the frequency which is being received.

Model type:  EC 958/5 which was made my the Eddystone Company and branded "Nebula" under the MIMCO (Marconi International Marine Company) label.

Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 30 MHz in ten overlapping ranges.

IF frequencies: 1st IF 1335 kHz; 2nd IF 250 KHz; 3rd IF 100 KHz

Modes: CW, MCW, AM (DSB) and SSB in A3A. A3H and A3J modes (upper or lower sideband) with selectable sideband switching. FSK (Fl) facilities can also be used by fitting an optional module within the receiver proper. Keying speeds up to 200 baud with shifts of 85 to 850Hz can be accommodated.

Semiconductor Complement: The entire circuit including the optional FSK module makes use of 41 transistors, 54 diodes and 12 integrated circuits.

Selectivity: Five degrees of selectivity are provided ranging from 400 Hz for narrow-band CW to 8 kHz for AM.

Power Mains:  Single-phase AC mains 100/125 and 200/250V (40 to 60Hz), or low-voltage DC using external DC/ AC converter. Consumption is in the order 35 watts AC or . 45 watts DC.

Vintage: Manual is dated 1971

Weight: 41.75 lbs

Dimensions: 16.75"W x 18"D x 5.75"H

Comments: Can easily be converted to a rack mount unit.

Nebula receiver. (From the MIMCO manual)

Shipborne installation of a Nebula receiver. (Photo courtesy Ships Nostalgia web page)

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Oct 17/12