"OCEANIC" HF Marine Receiver


Modes: SSB, AM, RTTY and CW
Frequency range: 15 kHz to 30 MHz. The manual indicates reduced performance between  15 kHz  and 100 kHz
Variable receive bandwidths:  2.7 kHz , 1.2 kHz , 0.5 kHz, and  100 Hz
Mains Power input - 110/220 VAC or 24 VDC
Weight - 15 kg

Dimensions -
H- 159 mm
W- 509 mm
D- 463mm

Circa: 1985
Comment: This radio was a rebranded model M3000 made by  Dansk Radio of Denmark and sold under the Oceanic name by Marconi Marine.

 Oceanic photo courtesy Seefunknetz web site

Contributors and Credits:

1) http://www.seefunknetz.de/m3000.htm
2) Dansk Radio   http://www.dansk-radio.com/dansk-radio.com.html

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May 4/15