"PACIFIC X " HF Marine Receiver


Modes: AM/CW/SSB
Frequency range: 100 kHz to31 MHz in nine bands
Mains Power input - AC mains or 12/24V DC with inverter.
Weight - ?
Dimensions - ?

Manufactured between 1977 and 1983
Comment: This receiver was a re-badged Eddystone EC1837/1S. The 'S' likely means mounted in a standalone cabinet.

Pacific X photo courtesy Radiopics web site


Contributors and Credits:

1) http://radiopics.com/Marconi/Marconi_Pacific%20X.htm
2) Mike Maguire <mike.maguire(at)btinternet.com>
3) Eddystone reference http://www.aricuneo.it/AREA%20TECNICA/manuali-radio/eddystone/PostwarModels.pdf

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Nov 9/12