1/4 Kw Cabinet Set

The 1/4 kw set was intended for use as an emergency set for a high power installation, or it could be used as the primary set in smaller ships.  It was used in conjunction with the type 31A receiver. Power to the  M-G set input was derived from a battery of 30 cells, each having an  80 ampere- hour capacity. This would allow the set to transmit continuously for up to 10 hours.  The AC power ouputt from the M-G set was 250 watts, at 110 volts, 300 Hz . 

Frequency range:  300 and 600 metres and was continuously adjustable up to about 750 metres.
Power level: 250 watts output.
RF Output note: 600 Hz
Spark type: Synchronous (meaning that the the spark is in step with the alternator frequency). 
Range: About 150 nm
Made by : Marconi UK

1/4 kw cabinet set. 
 Both images courtesy Handbook of Technical Instruction for Wireless Telegraphists. Download image to enlarge). 

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July 18/18