"SALVITA" Lifeboat Transmitter
Frequency Range: Two crystal controlled frequencies: 500 and 8364 KHz.
Mode: MCW only
Power output: 3.5 watts.
Power source: Self contained, hand cranked generator
Comment: Not sure if the same specs apply to all three Marks. Mostly used aboard "Bank Lines” ships.
Desginators: Also known as Type 1110B and NTS303

An American, namely William Willis, crossed the Pacific Ocean from Callao Peru to the Samoa Islands in 1954 on a boat made from balsa wood. He spoke of his radio,  the " Salvita II  which was used in the merchant marine .

Pictured is a Salvita III.(Courtesy ehive.com)
The following extract from  "Marine Radio Manual" by G.L.Danielson & F.C. Mayoh offers
full specifications data on the Salvita III.  Select this link to view the specs. Data provided by Andy Beales VK4KCS.
Andy offers this training anecdote. " I did my training in Liverpool U.K. in the 1960's on Marconi equipment.
I remember the Salvita with mixed feelings.You had to turn the handles at 160 RPM to get the telltale light to come on. It was OK to do that for a couple of minutes but any longer was a real struggle.Being young and silly, we decided to take the College's Salvita down to the Mersey River and chuck it in to see if it floated, as per the book.It didn't, good thing we had a rope tied to it !"

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