SWB-11 HF Transmitter


Use: Point to point communications. The SWB11-X provides the same functionality as its low power edition, namely the SWB-8X.
Power output : 7 kilowatts
Frequency control:
10 crystal controlled position plus a Master Oscillator. A two valve Franklin oscillator was mounted right at the bottom of the transmitter where temperature change was minimal. .

Power input -  22 kilowatts, three phase power  (2 amps at 11,000 volts for the output stage alone)
Circa- Late 1930's

Please refer to the SWB-11X spec sheet for more info.

SWB-11 on the left with its power supply on the right. 
SWB-11 with the power amplifier access door removed. 
The SWB-11 in one of its native habitats. This photo was taken at a "transmitter hall" in New Delhi , India in 1947.
All photos in this table courtesy Tony Timme, G3CWW.

SWB-11 image from the manual. The power supply is in a separate cabinet. (Courtesy Marconi Marine International) 

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