Worldspan Transmitter


Power Output: 700 watts on some bands
Frequency Range: 365 to 540 KHz and 3 to 23 MHz
Modes: CW / MCW / AM
Frequency control: - Crystal
Power input - ?
Weight - ?
Dimensions - ?
Comment: The Worldspan was simply an Oceanspan transmitter with a linear amplifier. These Oceanspan specs are also applicable to the "exciter" portion of the Worldspan transmitter. 

The radio room of GOAE. The Worldspan transmitter is in the tall, leftmost rack. Its linear amplifier is in the rack to the right.   (Photo source inknown) 

Contributors and Credits:

2) Nick/GBxx-GTZD-VP8IY-ZHFxx <nickhgbg(at)>
3) Roger  <chelseacottage(at)>

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Jul 17/15