The Electronics Maintenance Room (EMR) is located on the lower deck, port side, just forward of the break in the foc'sle. Here, electronics technicians would perform assorted repairs on the ship's electronic equipment. The only maintenance that would be done in the EMR would be on pieces of self -contained equipment that could be be flashed up in that location and were light enough to carry there. The scene in the photo depicts a Marconi CSR-5 receiver under diagnosis and it's believed that this is how it may have looked.

The RT's (Electronic Technicians) were only responsible for surveillance/navigation radars and communications equipment but this was sufficient to keep a small group very busy.  ET's (Electrical Technicians whose specialty was sonar were designated ED's. Those whose expertise lay in the Gunnery radar were designated EG's.  The ET's did not use the EMR, so this would limit the amount and type of test equipment found in the EMR.

In addition, the ship's Mark X Identification Friend or Foe (I.F.F) also shared this compartment.  When the ship paid off, HAIDA was fitted with the AN/UPX-1, AN/UPX-5 and AN/UPA-24 equipment types. Prior to being converted into an EMR, this compartment housed HAIDA's 293 radar.

The EMR was restored between September 2003 and January 2004 and required approximately 150 hours of effort.  This concludes the general tour of the ship.

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Jan 17/04