HAIDA's Operations Room as it appeared in September 2007.  Since the original ARL table could not be located, the more modern AN/SSA-502 plotting table is being displayed as a substitute (centre of photo). The plot at the left bottom was also not original to the ship. Drawings from 1957 indicate a MK VI Patt 804 in the left bottom area of the photo. while a MK V (A)  Patt 113  plot was in the centre of the photo. The MK VI was the Action plot, while the MK V A was the Navigation plot. (Photo by Jerry Proc)
There are four different compartments which comprise the Ops Room, all of which have their own  purpose. They are: the Operations Room; the Chart Room; the Sonar Control Room and the Wheelhouse. The latter two are discussed in other tour stops. The 'Plot' is an area within the Ops Room. In the Operations Room, two ARL (Admiralty Research Laboratory) plotting tables were used to diagram or 'plot' the movement of the ship using a light projection system.

The Chartroom is where the Navigating Officer did the majority of his work. He was responsible for the 'passage plans' which determined the best course to get from point A to point B.

Other important items in the Ops room are the ship's radar displays. Over the years, HAIDA had been fitted with various radar sets. When she paid off in 1963, the following radars were installed:

AN/SPS-6C Long range (200 miles) search radar.
Sperry Mk2 - Short range (30 miles) Surface Search and Navigation radar.
AN/SPG-34 - Gunnery radar

For those visitors who wish to study HAIDA's ASDIC/Sonar, IFF and radar systems in detail, please select this link.

When HAIDA paid off, she was fitted with the AN/SPS-6C air search and Sperry Mk II Navigational radars. The 293 'Warning Combined' type radar remained unused for many years but in the late 1950's it was removed from the foremast. The air search radar antenna is actually an SPS-12 which is a near lookalike to the now ubobtainable AN/SPS6-C.    (Photo by Jerry Proc) 
The AN/SPG-34 radar antenna fitted atop  the 3"50 gun. (Photo by Jerry Proc) 

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