View of the Wheelhouse looking towards forward/starboard. (Photo by Jerry Proc)
Two important operations took place in the Wheelhouse. The ship was steered by the Helmsman and engine orders were relayed from the Bridge down to the Wheelhouse for action and acknowledgment by the Engine Room. A total of three men occupied this area - one Helmsman and two engine telegraphists. Except for two scuttles, the entire Wheel House was enclosed and the Helmsman could not see outside. It didn't really matter because it was the Bridge who was steering or 'conning' the ship. In the event that the Wheelhouse was destroyed or put of action, the ship could still be conned  from an open, emergency steering position on the upper, after end of the ship. To avoid errors in the magnetic compass, the entire Wheelhouse was fabricated from brass plate.

This top view illustrates the emergency steering position aboard HAIDA which is located between the aft 40mm A/A guns. It would definitely be an unfriendly location during inclement weather.  (Photo by Jerry Proc)
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Sept 30/07