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When not at sea, Quadra or Vancouver were moored at the pier designated by the push pin above. There are two graving docks in Esquimalt Harbour.  The navy has one on the south side of the harbour and it was built by the Royal Navy back at the end of the 1800's. The other one on the north side, where the weather ships docked, is owned by the Canadian Dept. of Public Works and is referred to as the Esquimalt Graving Dock. Slightly to the left of centre is HMC Dockyard, Esquimalt. (Image courtesy Google Earth)
February 25, 1942:  RMS Queen Elizabeth was one of the drydock's most famous "customers". Her exact purpose in the drydock is not known at this time.  (Photo courtesy of the Battle of the Atlantic Museum) 

Credits and References:

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2) Battle of the Atlantic Museum   http://www.thebattleofatlanticmuseum.ca/page20/page20.html

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