TW 12 Transmitter

Design Date: 1935
Frequency Range: 375 to 500 KHz; 1200 to 3000 KHz;
Modes: CW/MCW/RT
Power Output: Unknown
Frequency Control: Free running Master Oscillator
Primary power: M-G set.
Type TW12 and its associated receiver the 394E are commercial sets which have been adopted for Naval use in small craft. The Type TW12A consists of the TW12 AND 394E and necessary ships supplies.  The Type TW12B consists of the TW12, the 394E and a Naval receiver, the CSB.
According to the Sparker who drew this sketch, the TW-12 was fitted in RCN Corvettes.

1. Master Oscillator and spot frequency stops. 9. Filament rheostat
2. M/F I/F switch 10. Filament voltmeter
3. CW /ICW switch 11. Ammeter for tuning power amplifier
4. I/F aerial taps 12. Aerial ammeter
5. I/F anode taps 13. +13A H/F attachments
6. I/F tuning condenser 14. H/F tuning condenser
7. M/F variometer 15. H/F tuning inductance
8. Key Jack 16. Aerial coil taps.

TW-12 transmitter (Courtesy British Admiralty) 

The companion receiver (if used), is the Model 394G, Admiralty Pattern 361 made by Marconi  International  (UK) . This example is held by the SPARC Museum in Vancouver. (Photo by Tom Brent) 


1) TW-12 image
2) Tom Brent <navyradiocom(at)>

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