HMS Cavalier 293Q Photos
The following photo set depicts the 293Q installation aboard HMS Cavalier. She was never stripped of her electronics after being paid off. As a result, a considerable amount of her gear still fitted including the entire kit for the Type 293Q radar. All photos in this set by Alexander (Sandy) McClearn)
1 -  Antenna Indicator Unit - Design 4. Left dial is the antenna indicator (also contains contacts for automatic alignment). Middle dial is the  "Magslip" antenna indicator. Right dial is the indicator for the IFF Interrogator antenna. At the bottom of the antenna panel are the GYRO switches for the antenna indicators.  2 & 3 -  Receiving Panel L53; 4. PPI Display Unit,  Design 34;  5. Control Unit 
Closeup of PPI display. On HMCS HAIDA, the 293 equipment was located on the port side, main deck at the break in the foc'sle. The operator was in the shack with the equipment. Sound powered telephones were used for reporting target bearings to the Operations Room. 
1 - Transmitter Unit 9T; 2 - Waveguide to antenna; 3 - Signal Generator Noise 4 - Spectrometer Cavity Resonator Unit; 5 - Spectrometer Display Unit; 6 - Wave monitor G86; 7 - Rectifying and Modulating Panel 3CC; 8 - Air Conditioning (Dryer) Unit; 9 - Soundproof cabinet for blower assembly.

Tom Estabrooks, a 293 radar operator,  served in  HMCS Haida on one of her tours of duty to Korea. He recalls. "Item 8 is actually a two section air dryer for the waveguide. Each section contained a quantity of silica gel, a substance which has a propensity to absorb moisture. When the the gel turned pink, that indicated it was time to switch over to the other dryer. That was accomplished by moving the lever on the front panel from one side to another. Years later, it was determined that the radar reception was not affected even when using untreated air. While at sea, I can't remember the number of times that I changed that lever over. But anytime I forgot,  I got a blast from one of my superiors".

(L-R) Signal Generator Noise,  Spectrometer Cavity Resonator Unit,  Spectrometer Display Unit
Rectifying and modulating panel closeup. The wavemeter is at the top left side.
IFF unit used with 293Q.

A closer view of the antenna panel (top) and L53 panel (bottom). Image from a Norwegian handbook on the 293. 

Contributors and Credits:

1) Alexander (Sandy) McClearn <smcclearn(at)>
2) Cdr Oyvind Garvik (Ret'd) <oygarvik(at)> , Bergen Norway who donated a 293 manual.
3) Tom Estabrooks   <tom.estabrooks(at)>

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