CR150/6 HF Receiver

Type: Double superheterodyne. Adaptable for diversity reception.
Frequency Range: General coverage from 2  to 32 MHz in four bands.
Modes: CW , MCW and AM.
IF's : 1600 and 465 KHz
Filter passbands: 1, 3, 8, and 13 KHz.
Tubes: Uses miniature tubes
Power input - AC
Receiver weight - 16 pounds
Receiver dimensions - 20" wide x 17" deep x 14" high
Power supply (1325/4) weight- 25 pounds
Power supply (1325/4) dimensions -  5.25" wide x 15" deep x 12" high
Comment: The 150/6 is a modified version of the CR150/3

There are three versions of the CR150/6:
Edition A For tabletop use.
Edition B For rack mounting
Edition C: Supplied without a cover and intended for rack mounting.

Power Supplies:

1325/4 for tabletop use
1325/5 for rack mount applications
1325/7 ?

Front view 
Rear view 
Internal view
Rear view left side connector detail. 
Rear view right side connector detail. 
 Type 1325/7 power supply for CR150/6
Power supply nameplate 
All photos in this table by Jason Ingraham VE1PYE

Contributors and Credits:

1) Jason Ingraham VE1PYE <j.ingraham(at)>

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Apr 26/142