CCGS Quadra   AN/FPQ-10 Radar

Quadra 1968: AN/FPQ-10 radar. The Telecom branch of the Canadian Coast Guard gave it the designation of  SP6504. Outside of the Coast Guard, it could not be recognized by that designator. (Photo by Bob Manning)
The Sperry tracking radar, AN/FPQ-10, has the following characteristics:

Type: Monopulse, missile range instrumentation tracking radar.
Power: 1 megawatt peak. There were losses in the waveguide but were more than compensated by the +23 db (or so) gain of the antenna.
Frequency Low: 5,400 MHz
Frequency High: 5,900 MHz
Pulse Width: Selectable - 0.25 or 0.5 or 1µs
PRF: 160 or 640
Azimuth: 0 to 360 degrees
Elevation: -5 to +185 degrees
Vintage: mid 1960's

Frank Statham comments on the FPQ-10. "For 1965 technology it was quite impressive -- a small computer analyzed the roll, pitch and heading information from the ship and used that to stabilize the antenna dish.  It would then calculate the speed, course and altitude of any target we acquired out to some 200 nm.  The tracking system was so good, we could turn off the roll/pitch/heading information and the antenna would still track, although the target data would be useless".

CCGS Vancouver  AN/FPQ-10 Radar
The AN/FPQ-10 fitting aboard CCGS Vancouver circa 1971.  The computer rack, not visible in the photo, was on the left and faced the console on the right.. (Photo by Dennis Engemoen)

Credits and References:

1) Bob Manning (now deceased)
2) Frank Statham <fstatham(at)>
3) Dennis Engemoen <dhengemoen(at)

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