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Serving Etobicoke/ Toronto and Vicinity

Welcome to the Skywide Amateur Radio Club . The Club was originally established in 1952, but declining membership  due to the passage of time had reduced the club to several members on a mailing list.  There is a movement afoot to resurrect the club to a more functional state but we need more members to join.

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Downlink: 146.985 MHz   Uplink: 146.385 MHz
Offset: -0.6 MHz
Uplink Tone: 103.5 Hz
Downlink Tone: 103.5 Hz
Coverage: 70 km radius.
Repeater model: Yaesu DR-2X
Power level: 25 watts into an omnidirectional antenna.  Provides excellent coverage of Metro Toronto
Antenna access: The Nortown and Skywide antennas are bolted to a common mast which in turn,
is secured to a utility shed on the roof of the building. Access to roof of the utility shed requires the use
of a ladder which is kept inside the shed.
Antenna Height:  160 feet AGL; 730 ft. above sea level
Club call sign sponsor:  VE3HBG, Gord
Analog Bandwidth: 25.0 kHz
Remote acess for maintenance: Disabled due to hacking.
Phone patch: Not available.
Repeater location:  Located near  Eglinton & Dufferin.
Primary support:   Vincent Popo VE3ELB
Backup support:  Gord Dewdney, VE3HBG. (416) 738-1392

If a power outage at the repeater site is suspected, you can call Toronto Hydro at (416) 542-8000  and see if they are providing a status for  any power outage in the Eglinton Ave and Dufferin Street area.

VE3SKI (UHF, 70cm)

Downlink: 443.100 MHz
Uplink: 448.100 MHz
Offset: +5.0 MHz
Uplink/downlink tones: None used on this repeater.
Repeater make and model: Home brew.
Owned by:  Paul Buchan
Repeater location: Near Dundas and Bloor, Etobicoke (Toronto) .
Support: Being maintained on a best effort basis by Paul Buchan  VE3IFY.   E-mail:  piccybuchan(at)


WNYSRC (Western NY and Southern Ontario Repeater Council) has been around since the 1970ís and is tasked with coordinating repeater pairs. The custodians of each repeater are supposed to stay in contact regularly with the council and support its work. If  there is some requirement to raise repeater power, the  custodian needs to contact the council in order to see who else is on the channel. As of March 2022,  Rich Poczkalski, WB2DSS  is our contact.  He is the WNYSORC Frequency Coordinator. E-mail:


* VE3SKY and VE3SKI are callsigns registered to the club and  are  used for weekly nets and  special  events like Field Day . The  club  membership can be contacted by using the mail list.

* Should this web site ever become inoperative, a copy of it can be found on  the Wayback Machine web page archive site.

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